Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thirty before Thirty

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little scared of turning the big Three O.

In my early twenties my family took a vacation; both my brother and I left our hearts in San Francisco. 

I built homes in Miami and swam in the ocean. I fell in love with a little girl in a Honduran orphanage.

I taught Graphic Design & Photography classes with the aide of Legos and field trips to the zoo. 

I spent nearly three years living a dream by working for the big cheese in the Happiest place in the world. I made friends with fairies and fairy godmothers-in-training. I shook hands with Marty Sklar the only Imagineer to open every Disney park. 

I became a guitar hero with Samurai Cheesecake and Cinderella with castle & coach. 

I ran my first 5k with princesses through Epcot. I conquered my first half marathon with my prince by my side in the Florida snow. 

I saw Evanesence, Eve6, Maroon5, Splender, Radiohead, Avril Lavigne, Fuel, The Aquabats, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kelly Clarkson, Boys like Girls, Nelly, Chubby Checker, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Collective Soul, No Doubt, NeedtoBreathe, and Lady Gaga in concert. I sang on stage with Neil Patrick Harris. I've seen my love sing to me on an American Idol stage, twice. Best of all every Sunday I watch my husband worship the Lord with his drums! 

I had lightsaber battles next to Luke & Chewie. I documented the last week of Adventuring in Pleasure Island. I attended the last Radioathon and Hoopla. Adventure still calls my name... 

I bought a business license and started Ever After Imagery, Ltd.

This year I married the man of my dreams... nothing can really top that.

The last ten years were exciting! Still turning the page to the next decade is a bit more intimidating than the last. So as a last hurrah I've started a list of thirty things to complete in the next sixth months.

Start a blog! (Check and Completed) 

Take 2 classes a week at the gym.

Take 3 new people to church.

Learn 4 new dances.

Run a 5k for a cause.

Try 6 new things including Paintball and growing an herb garden!

Watch 7 sunrises.

Have 8 people over for waffles.

Learn 9 sayings in Portuguese and Spanish in preparation for World Cup 2014.

Make a  list of 10 places I want to visit in my 30's. Research what makes them unique.

Have a Mad Tea party with 11 different kinds of tea. 

Take 12 exposures on my medium format camera and have them developed. 

Memorize Chapter 13 of 1Corinthians. 

Give away 14 photos. 

Learn 15 new dishes.

Memorize verse 16-18 of 2Corinthians Chapter 4.

Write 17 love letters.

Do 18 hours of service

Watch 19 sunsets.

Be able to do 20 push ups.

Spend 21 hours in the sun; hiking, biking, picnicking, etc.

Clean out my closet and give away 23 things I'm no longer using.

Take 24 photos of beautiful things I see everyday.

Finish 25 Scrapbook pages.

Leave 26 lucky pennies on the ground. 

Discover 27 new locations for photo adventures.

Send 28 handwritten notes to people I have not seen in a long time.

Pick out a favorite photo for each of the 29 years of my life.

Buy 30 balloons.


  1. That's quite a list you've got there, kiddo. Good luck -- I wish you success! -- Kevin B

  2. It's really exciting to see you write again. Thanks for sharing your list, it's awesome!